Saturday, December 18, 2010

‘Tis the Season of Disillusionment and Squandered Dreams.

As a little girl, I was always kind of sensitive and anxious and didn’t really like to be away from my mom’s side for very long. 
One year, a few weeks before Christmas, my dad was out of town so my mom had to do all of the shopping herself. She was about to leave me in the care of my big brother and sister--which was in and of itself enough to scare the pants off of any child. These were the people that had once tied me up inside of a laundry basket and left me there, and had also at another time nearly blinded me with bathroom cleaner spray...and let’s not forget the time they slammed my finger in a door hinge!!! But I digress.
I really didn’t want my mom to leave that day, so I kind of threw a nasty fit that was probably inappropriate for my age. I really don’t remember how old I was, but I was probably just a little bit older than I would admit if I did.

My mom quickly got fed up with my amazing display of drama, and burst out with,

**picture of my mom that doesn't really look like my mom.

She went on with, "Do you know how your presents get under the tree? I put them there!! And the only way for you to get presents this year is for you to shut up and let me go shopping RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!"
My mom tells me this  story every year, despite the fact that I remember it quite vividly without her help.
Bah humbug.
Happy Christmas, everyone.



  1. Love it. (-: Sometimes you just gotta put children in their place! You poor thing.

  2. haha...I've only read your two latest blogs...but I love it. I have a cousin that told her kids she was going to call Santa and tell them to skip their house because the kids were being naughty... They straightened up pretty quickly.

  3. Hilarious, but I'm sorry you had to figure it out that way, rather than figure it out through teenage angst like most of us.

    I mean, of COURSE I didn't believe in Santa when I was 13. Pfff.

  4. Oh, Rachel...your mother.

    She has nice hair.


  5. This is sad. But funny! Sort of one of those "we'll laugh about this later" moments.

  6. My babysitter ruined Santa for me... by telling me what she was buying for her own kids, from Santa!

  7. Genius. That has brightened up my day. I got into trouble when I was around 5 or 6 because I cottoned onto the fact that Santa was a sham, and then proceeded to tell my little sister. Being three years younger than I, I am sure I destroyed her childhood.

  8. Wow! I finally know how to tell my kids that there isn't a Santa Clause. Problem solved. Thanks!

    Juuust kidding.

    But seriously, this post is hilarious.

  9. There's no Santa Claus? Why am I just finding out about this?

  10. thats brutal, Santa is my homie

  11. We had Sundta Clause -- 10x better.
    And you don't have the hoice NOT to believe in him.

  12. I forgot about the bathroom cleaner spray incident...sorry 'bout that. Mah bad.

    And it's pretty obvious that you remember mom's speech/angry expression way more than I do. Your representation made me laugh a lot. I hope you show it to Mom.

    PS, it says I am Austin because he left himself all logged in again. So know that this is Liz, but I am currently going to go undercover and wreak havoc that will teach him not to leave himself logged in on my computer anymore. Captain Havoc, AWAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

  13. Oh Rach, I am torn with this post. I feel your pain as the youngest sibling....did you also get pinned down and tickled you till you peed yourself? But then....your mom's totally valid reasons to squash the Santa Spirit Meter....just awesome. Happy Christmas indeed.

  14. Thanks for finding my blog- LOVE yours. This story makes me sad..what an awful way to find out Santa doesnt exist...I suppose I dont blame your mom, though! ha. Love the pictures!

  15. hahaha- this is something I can see myself doing if I ever have children...
    Great blog, I love your pictures! I hope you stop back to Meri-go-round as well!

  16. Well... I LOL'ed! :-D

  17. OMG! Your mom did that?? Wow, do you remember what your first initial thought was when she blurted that out?