Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is a Post from Rachel. She didn't Include a Title When She Sent this File to Me. This is Whitney. Also not Including a Title.

If you have read some of our earliest posts, you may remember a man named Franco (a.k.a gay, hairdressing weenie.) In reality, Franco is neither gay, nor a hairdresser, nor an exotic cereal inventor. He is actually a handsome Asian man that likes to flirt with me at work at the most inconvenient times. In my mind, however, he is still always wearing a hotdog suit.

First of all, I’m not really the flirtatious type. I’m not apt to like people in general, and as I’ve already established, I am kind of antisocial at work because I am too busy thinking about all the places I’d rather be and conjuring ways to make the hours go faster (such as counting the day in musical albums rather than in hours, rationing my food to break up the day with snack times, and writing myself lists of all the amazingly fun things I am going to do when I get home, such Or fingernail painting....or...basically anything besides everything I have to do at work.)

I am also not a morning person. I hate it when anyone tries to talk to me in the morning. After ten am, I’m all yours (within reason), but before then, unless you are quietly bringing me a latte and then immediately making yourself scarce, I really want nothing to do with you. I am overall pretty good at disguising my Morning Hatefulness, but Franco caught me at a time when it was making itself inescapably clear.

Apparently I looked really attractive. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hit on THAT, right?

Anyways, so I went to the cafeteria to get myself a bagel, hoping to not encounter anyone I knew. Ok, I actually went and hid in the bathroom for a few minutes when I saw someone else I knew going to the caf, because I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone and didn’t want to enter at the same time for fear of having to make conversation.

So I was at the bagel table, when I started dropping stuff, because I hadn’t had my cup of coffee that morning and I had my headphones in so I kind of had negative 10% alertness going on....and it seems to me, that every time I am dropping things or having an otherwise ridiculous clumsy moment, THAT is when guys choose to approach me. I think it’s because they’re secretly scared to talk to girls so they just lurk in corners and watch for you to do something stupid so that they can pop out and make fun of you for it  so they seem all cool and composed and smooth and whatnot, when really they’re just too chicken to talk to you at your best. Feel free to defend yourselves, guys, but I probably won’t buy it. I’m onto you.

So my half-awake, food and caffeine-deprived brain, that was at that moment using all of its capacity to absorb the Postal Service which was playing on my iPod, took an absurdly long amount of time to understand what was happening, and I stared blankly at him as I tried to think of an adequate comeback. Nothin’. Absolutely nothing.

I must have looked kind of ticked off, because his confident, flirtatious air started to fizzle, and he began backpedaling, with “I’m just...kidding.........”

And then he walked away and I very calmly said something super lame like, “I guess I am just kind of clumsy this morning”, at which he politely chuckled.

After that I hastily got in line to pay for my bagel, and he made another feeble attempt to flirt with me, because he obviously wasn’t getting the picture that I was pretty much at my grumpiest and wanted to be left alone.

Of course, later I thought of many adequate comebacks....well, no, I didn’t. But I could’ve yelled something like, “OH YEAH?? WELL YOU’RE ASIAN!!!”

Which is neither an insult, nor a valid argument, nor even relevant.....but it might’ve caught him off guard long enough for me to make a run for it.

Or I could’ve said, “YOU DON’T HAVE A BEARD!!” which would have been an insult, AND a valid argument, AND an adequate comeback.....all of which only I would have understood. But once again, ample running time.

Bottom line, be warned Francopants. Next time you disturb my morning I’m going to deck you in the face.

Love, Rachel


  1. Francopants. haha...

  2. Did you really say an Asian was handsome? I have yet to meet a handsome Asian man....I am racist...and would like to suggest that all perky and happy morning people should be tortured. Excellent post Rach.

  3. guys wait until you are clumsily dropping things on the floor because they know it is the most likely time you are NOT farting. come on, when was the last time you dropped something and farted at the same time?

  4. #1 WOO HOO for The Postal Service!
    #2 I do the same avoidance move. I could be in such a hurry, making a beeline for something at the store, and the second I see someone I know I do the quickest about-face ever known to man. I'm so antisocial.

  5. haha, i always tell my husband, "if it's before eight i'm full of hate"

  6. "You don't have a beard" would DEFINITELY have been the way to go....obviously.

  7. Whitster. Please post more often. I need to laugh more often than you are posting. That forces me to spend too much time with Squatlo Rant, and with my own musings.

    The real reason men approach when we see you drop things is because when you do stupid things like that, we see it as a clear indicator. We just know that you drop shit to get our attention and that you will put-out on the first date. That's Man-myth Number 27.

    I didn't say you will act put-out, which is the truth behind that particular Man-myth. Having the truth crush the ego is the basic foundation of all Man-myths.

    I'd complain about it, but if I had a slot instead of a tab-- men would be working on a more powerful word as a replacement for bitch.

    You funny lady. Rots a ruck.

  8. Oh Mooner,

    I'm working as fast as I can! I'm in a German class right now, and I wish I wasn't lying about this, but I'm learning German from 8am until about 10 at night. I promise I'll have something done Sunday night if not tomorrow!


  9. Mox nix and auch tu lieber hosen. You need to meet the Squirt. She can mangle six languages at the same time while making sense.


    PS-- Sorry about all the misspellings, but simply must put a German spell-checker dealie on your bloggie

  10. Haha I just wanted to comment on the fact that your comment about being anti-social at work made me laugh so hard because I do the same things that you do at work like ration out my snacks to break up the day and hiding in the bathroom because you didnt want to see someone you knew in the caf. I am horribly anti-social at work. I have a select few that I converse with all the time, but other than my bubble of friends.. i spend most of my time hiding from people or doing the awkward smile. Anyways I hope Francopants doesnt disturb your morning again hah.

  11. Poor Francopants! And I love all the images. I can totally relate to the Need Coffee and Machete image right now! :P