Friday, October 22, 2010

This is me, Rachel.

This is me, Rachel.
I am quite short, but it's not my fault.

I have a Big Brother Chris and a Big Sister Liz (whom you may have already met via Whitney - known as "Best Friend, Liz".) Big Brother Chris lives in lame old Ann Arbor Michigan where he does awesome stuff (but I forget what) and as has been already mentioned, Big Sister Liz lives in Stupid Kansas City, MO. Now Whitney and I like to hang out and do cool stuff so that Big Sister/Best Friend Liz will get jealous and come back home to either (a) join us in doing cool stuff or (b) seek revenge on us for excluding her. Either way, we'll be less lonesome without her.

So I live with my parents. And I work with my mom. Which is cool. Except when it's not and I go crazy from over exposure to parents and my eyes start to twitch and my head swells up and almost explodes.

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  1. Um. Mission accomplished. I am jealous of your cool-stuff-doings. But I'm probably going to go the revenge route. Stock up on oven mitts and anti-itch cream.